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Entry Exam Preparation

Entry Exam Prep For All Levels The students are registered in the Islamic School in the same grade as their grade level in the public school. This is to ensure that the students are in the same class as their peers. The school curriculum and activities are designed according to the age and grade level of the students. The purpose of the entry exam is to determine a new student’s current level of knowledge. If the student’s performance on the exam meets the expectations for their grade level, no further action is needed. However if they are found lacking in one or more of the areas, the new students will be provided a personalized plan and will be required to attend early morning special classes.These classes could range from 1 month to the entire school year based on the students willingness to learn and their progress. All entry exam questions will be pulled from questions at the end of each unit from the Islamic studies weekend learning series books. The books can be loaned at the Bilal masjid library or bought at the weekend school office.   To pass the Islamic studies student must… Level 1: no exam Level 2: pass level 1 entry exam Level 3: pass level 1 & 2 entry exams Level 4: pass level 1-3 entry exams Level 5: pass level 1-4 entry exams Level 6: pass level 1-5 entry exams Level 7: pass level 1-6 entry exams Level 8: pass level 1-7 entry exams   … Continue reading Entry Exam Preparation


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