1. Visit to MCCP Feb,4th 2018

    Our high school students visited the Muslim Community Center of Portland to meet with the African American Muslim leaders of our community for Black History month. Quoting Br. Azim “The experience that I had along with other students and volunteers is one of the rare ones. The intersection of love, hospitality, warmth, history, emotions, faith and brotherhood/sisterhood was simply astounding.” We all were totally blown away by the eloquence of our host sisters. We learned a lot and were so awed by the experiences and wisdom they shared with us.
  2. Visited the Unitarian Church in downtown Portland

    Assalamu Alikum Parents and Students, On Feb 28th, the students visited the Unitarian Church in downtown Portland. The event began with everyone in small groups. Each small group was a mix of our youth and their youth. Each group worked on a section of a jigsaw puzzle. This gave them an opportunity to get to know each other. Later, all of the small groups put their sections together to create the full puzzle. After that opening activity, everyone sat in a circle of chairs and did a round of introductions. Their students had some questions for our youth. Some of our students did an excellent job in answering them. Special recognition goes to Yousef Moussa, Hina Rasheed, Thariq Ridha and Umai Zaidi for stepping up. Here are a few pics that were taken at the church.


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