1. Visited the Unitarian Church in downtown Portland

    Assalamu Alikum Parents and Students, On Feb 28th, the students visited the Unitarian Church in downtown Portland. The event began with everyone in small groups. Each small group was a mix of our youth and their youth. Each group worked on a section of a jigsaw puzzle. This gave them an opportunity to get to know each other. Later, all of the small groups put their sections together to create the full puzzle. After that opening activity, everyone sat in a circle of chairs and did a round of introductions. Their students had some questions for our youth. Some of our students did an excellent job in answering them. Special recognition goes to Yousef Moussa, Hina Rasheed, Thariq Ridha and Umai Zaidi for stepping up. Here are a few pics that were taken at the church.
  2. Oregon Food Bank

    Bilal weekend school Level 9+ students took it upon them self to create a successful food drive for Oregon Food Bank. They encouraged all the students to participate by offering prizes to the class that was able to bring in the most good.
  3. Muslim Kids talk to The Oregonian about fasting in Ramadan

    As posted on The Oregonian website on July 19th, 2012: “Muslims in North America will begin their observance of Ramadan 1433, or 2012 in more familiar terms, on July 20 or 21, depending on whether a crescent moon was sighted on July 19, the 29th day of the lunar month. Muslim children grow up with the idea. They watch their parents and older siblings fast, and many are eager to try it before they reach puberty, when it’s required of them.“ Watch the video below:  
  4. Syria Humanitarian Aid Fundraiser, January 2012

    MY Time (Muslim Youth Time, Masjid Bilal’s youth group), requests your help in our upcoming fundraiser! MY Time is planning a fundraiser on Sunday January 29th right after Thuhr prayer (12:30) for those in great need of humanitarian aid in Syria. Our past projects included the Haiti fundraiser and the Lybia fundraiser, both of which were quite successful thanks to the help of students and parents. Right now, the people of Syria have suffered over 5,400 deaths and many more injured, over 6,000 displaced and, in Akkar region of northern Lebanon containing countless refugees from Syria, over 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. We can all help provide them with the most basic of aid: alleviating hunger, preventing the spread of illness through hygiene kits and providing refugees with clothes-all things we take for granted, all things they need right now. MY Time urges you all to take part in this fundraiser and change someone’s life. Download the flyer in PDF and Word . Follow the event on Facebook.    


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