1. Oregon Food Bank

    Bilal weekend school Level 9+ students took it upon them self to create a successful food drive for Oregon Food Bank. They encouraged all the students to participate by offering prizes to the class that was able to bring in the most good.
  2. Student Store January 19th 2014

    Students started a store to help raise money for the school. They are learning a lot of responsibility and helping the school dramatically. Please pass by when picking up your children and show them that they are making a difference.  
  3. Teacher Nura’s Farewell

    Teacher Nura was one of the greatest teacher to enter our school, she inspired so many teens in level 8+. She had also held many fundraisers for the school. Her heart & time were given to the school on a regular bases. We shall all miss her, and wish her family happiness wherever they maybe inshallah!    
  4. Hareem Ahmad (Fencer)

    On 1/12/2014 Hareem Ahmad visited Bilal Weekend School. She is representing Pakistan in fencing world championships. She told kids make realistic goals and always give first preference to your studies and religion and then make goals for your life.   Level 8     Level 9+
  5. Level 3- Project Day!

    On May 19th, 2013, the students from level 3 presented projects on the topic of their interest under the guidance of Teacher Tagreed. Many parents showed up to celebrate the hard work and enthusiasm of the students. All the projects were beautifully done and showed extreme dedication of the students. Here are some pictures from today:
  6. Muslim Kids talk to The Oregonian about fasting in Ramadan

    As posted on The Oregonian website on July 19th, 2012: “Muslims in North America will begin their observance of Ramadan 1433, or 2012 in more familiar terms, on July 20 or 21, depending on whether a crescent moon was sighted on July 19, the 29th day of the lunar month. Muslim children grow up with the idea. They watch their parents and older siblings fast, and many are eager to try it before they reach puberty, when it’s required of them.“ Watch the video below:  


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