1. Oregon Food Bank West Mar 26, 2011

    Bilal school students participate in various community projects throughout the year. On march 26th, 2011 a group of our students, their parents and teachers volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank West. Please click on the following link to view the picture: Picasa Album – Oregon Food Bank West
  2. Call for Volunteers!

    Few volunteers from our community are needed to work on Willamette West Habitat for Humanity Project on Dec 11th. Please let Teacher Azim know if you are available on Dec 11th and how many hours you would be able to work. Typical volunteer session is from 8:30AM  – 4:30PM, with one hour lunch break. You can even sign up for ½ day sessions or for few hours. Following are files with some necessary information and liability forms that each of us needs to bring on the day of the event. Please note that high school students can get their ‘community hours’ by volunteering for this good cause. Please get in touch with Br. Azim for more information. Liability Form for Adults Liability Form for Minors Ramble Glen FAQ Volunteer Sign up Sheet
  3. Day of Dignity – Sept 26th, 2010

    On Sunday September 26th 2010, Islamic Relief Organization in partnership with Oregon Islamic Chaplain Organization and other local sponsors provide for our homeless Free Hot Meals, Hygiene Kits, Medical Check Ups and Hair Cuts etc. More than 10 students from Bilal Islamic school volunteered to help and and the event turned out to be a huge success! Our students received great praise from the organizers as well as from the local community. Here are some pictures of the great day! Enjoy! {gallery}DayOfDignity_1{/gallery} Here are the words of appreciation from Laila Hajoo, ISOS rep and co-sponsor of Day of Dignity: ‘First and foremost – Many thanks to Allah for providing us such a blessed day and may Allah bless you volunteers who showed up and provided service to those who are without. You did a great job and it is you that make this event such a success. And special thanks to Bilal Mosque school staff and the awesome students who came and did amazing service. Bilal students you rock! OICO, our sponsor organization did an amazing job in getting things together given the logistics issues that were faced. The preliminary numbers show about 700 homeless were served yesterday.  And we had at least 45 volunteers – amazing!…’ Br. Ayoob Ramjan has sent this message to the Bilal School Students: ‘It was wonderful for all of us to band together from all the Mosques to help the homeless. Most of us had a good opportunity to meet each other and best of all...
  4. Haiti Fundraiser

    On Sunday, Feb 28th, 2010 Students from level 6 and 7 organized a Fundraiser to help the victims of Haiti Earthquake. They set up stalls for Jewlery Making, Henna, Origami , Face Painting, Drawing, Coloring, & many more fun activities. There were also Ethnic Foods And Pastries. The event was publicized and there was a huge turnout from the Muslim Community! The event raised more than $5000. Great job everyone! {gallery}school_haiti{/gallery}
  5. My Faith My Voice

    My Faith My voice is ‘a grassroots coalition of Muslim Americans seeking to give ordinary American Muslims a voice.’ For more information check out their Website or their Youtube Channel.


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