1. Winter Break

    The school will be closed on Sunday, Dec 22nd and Sunday, Dec 29th for winter break. School will resume on Sunday, Jan 5th, 2014 at regular time Insha’Allah.
  2. Urgent message – Bilal School Safety

    Urgent message – Bilal School Safety Dear parents, As many of you are aware we have security guards/volunteer parking coordinators for the safety of your children. It is very important that you follow their instructions during school. Without policies and structure in the school, we cannot keep your/our children safe. Below is the list of things you are expected to follow. -No parking/stopping on the street. -If you need to cross street, please cross only in designated area (Follow security instructions) -Show respect and courtesy to security, if you have problems with security please talk to Bassam Mohamed (503-688-9794). Please remember your children’s safety is our top priority. JAK, Bilal School Administration
  3. Registration Information Sept 2013

    AsslaamoAlaikum Parents, Bilal Weekend Sunday School will start registration on Sunday, Sept 8th at 9:30 AM and the first day of School will be on Sep 15th at 9:30 AM Insha’Allah.  Please read the summary below and then the details. Summary: Fee structure has changed. See below. Returning students not registering on the 8th cannot come to classes on the 15th. They will have to start on Sunday Sept 22nd instead. Students who did not pass last year will NOT be allowed to register until the pass the exam for the prior class. We will not accept registration from them on the 8th until they pass the test on the 8th. Due to space limitations, space is NOT guaranteed for new students or current students who register late. Calendar (Date/ Time/ Topic): Registration – Sunday, September 8th 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Financial aid registration – Sunday, September 8th 9:00 AM to -9:30 AM New and Returning Students will need to register in-person at 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM All new students (except 1st graders) will need to take an entrance exam on Sunday the 8th starting at 10:00 AM If anyone failed last June, they will be given an opportunity to take the test again to pass the class at 10:00 AM. First day of School – Sunday, September 15th at 9:30 AM (please come early to walk your children to the right classroom) Late Registration – Sunday, September   22nd at 9:30 AM to – 10:30 AM. Late registration is for returning students only.  There will be a $50 fee per student. Acceptance is not guaranteed for new students as...
  4. End of the year Sunday School Party

    ASM Bilal Sunday School Parents, This is a friendly reminder to you all about the upcoming Bilal Sunday School “End of the Year Party” to be held on Sunday, June 9th, at Bilal Sunday School. We will have box lunches for sale for the school fund raiser on June 2nd. Please join us to recognize our teachers and the achievements of our Students in an award ceremony. This year we invited Brother Dr. Khalid khan as our Guest speaker. We would be delighted if you could join us at 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM for this celebration consisting of a brief talk and award ceremony followed by refreshment.
  5. Registration Information Fall 2012

    Aslaam o Alaikum Parents Insha’Allah the Bilal Weekend Sunday School will start Sep 16th and the registration will be on Sep 9th. Registration New and Returning Students will need to register in-person. See calendar and fee schedule below. Late Registration There will be no registration of new students on Sep 16th.  If you are not able to register on the 16th, you are invited (returning students only) to register on Sep 23rd. See calendar and fee schedule below. Calendar Date Time Topic Sunday, Sep 9th 10AM to 11AM Registration and Tea with Principal and the School Committee Agenda: Calendar for the school Direction of the school Plans for expansion and what we are doing to move the classes Guidelines for new students on testing Issues 11AM to 12:00PM Registration   Saturday, Sep 15th 11:00AM to 1:00PM Testing for New Students (all levels except 1) at White House Check-in at 11:00AM   Sunday, Sep 16th 9:30AM to 12:15PM First Day of School Sunday, Sep 23rd 8:30AM to 9:30AM Late Registration for returning students only.  There will be a $50 fee per student   Fee Schedule   No Discount Discount (5%)   Due Sep 2012 Due Feb 2013 1 payment Due Sep 2012 1 Child 235 235 446.5 2 Children 370 370 703 3+ Children 470 470 893   Payment Options: Lump sum payment for the entire year will avail a 5% discount on tuition. Two payments for the school year – Sept 2012 and then Feb 2013. Late fee $50 per...
  6. Registration – February 2012

    ASM Parents, Please join us for tea/coffee next Sunday at 9:45AM at the White House in Bilal Masjid complex. We would like to apprise you of what we are doing to the school and that will be followed by registration for the new term that begins Feb 12 through June. If you have already prepaid for the entire year, you don’t have to register again. Tuition Information: •       1-Child $235 •       2-Children $370 •       3-Children $470 Late fee $50/child added to your bill if payment not received before 12PM on Sunday Feb 12. Program: 1.      Tea with Principal and the School Committee at 9:45 AM 2.      Presentation at 10:00AM o       Calendar for the school o       Direction of the school o       Plans for expansion and the reasons for split and also what we are doing to move the classes o       Issues 3.       Registration 10:30AM to 12:00PM o       Registration is mandatory. If you have already paid for the entire term, you don’t have to pay again o       Tuition for this term will be due at this time Please make a check payable to Bilal Masjid Sunday School in the amount noted above. Please print out the form & attach the payment with it. The deadline for receiving forms and payments is February 12th. After that a late fee...
  7. Important Changes to Sunday School Operations

    ASM Parents, The White House and the Shed are no longer available for use by the Sunday School as the White House is being upgraded and the Shed will be torn down. This will impact the Sunday School. We will need to temporarily split the Sunday School to AM and PM sections. We scheduled a meeting with parents of students who are impacted by this on 12-18 and communicated the changes to them and have spoken to all the teachers impacted by this. We will implement this policy starting Jan 8. Level 1 through 6 will be from 9:30AM to 12:15PM and Level 7-9 will be from 12:45PM to 2:45PM. Starting Sep 2012, InshAllah we will get two new trailers and we will have no need to split and we will have the school back at the same time for all levels. In February,  we will also get the White House renovated and will be able to use it InshAllah. Please make a note of the schedule changes for your students. The class schedule is as follows: Morning Section 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 1. Level 2A/2B will be combined and classes will be held in Trailer East (in front of men’s side)2. Level 1A/1B will be combined and classes will be held in Trailer West3. Level 3 will move to the ISGP house Main Hall4. Level 4 will be moved to ISGP house new small room. Some students will be moved to level 5. Sr. Rania will decide who5....
  8. Bad Weather School Closure Policy

    Dear Parents, The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. In the event of inclement weather, if the roads are closed or if the temperature is below freezing, Bilal School will be closed. Admin  Bilal School


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