1. First Day of School

    Assalamu Alaikum Bilal Sunday school Parents, We would like to welcome your child at Bilal Sunday Weekend School. We are excited about the opportunity to getting to know you and your children. Few important Notes: School Starts : Sept 19th , Sunday at  9:30 am and  end at 12:15 pm InshAllah. Late Registration: Only Returning Students can register with $50 penalty for registering late. You can get the applications from the Office. Sr. Dola and Br. Rehman will assist you with the forms on-campus. Registration for New Student: The registration for New Students is closed and we are not accepting new applications anymore. Test for New Students: All new students who are already registered with us, need to take a test Bilal Trailers on Sept 18th Sat at 9:00am (excluding younger students of 6yrs). Drop Off Time: Please come 10-15 min early for  their first day of school and direct your children to the right class. There will be Posters on the wall and volunteers and teachers will be there to guide you. Pick up Time 12:15 PM : Please come 10 min early and park for your child’s own safety (please keep in mind, we do not have any babysitter at Bilal) We will charge a penalty for Kids picked up after 12:15 pm) Parking: Please look out for small children while you are parking your car. We look forward to a happy and productive school year. Thanks Bilal Sunday School
  2. Test for New Applicants

    Dear Parents, There will be a test held at the Bilal Masjid School on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 for New Applicants only. Those applicants who are 6-7 yrs old and/or are enrolling in the First Grade will NOT be tested. This short test will enable us to enroll your child in the appropriate grade for the year 2010-2011. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us. The test  will be by age:  7 -8 years old students for will only be taking L1 test to be placed at L2 class. If a child cannot read we will help him/her  (20 min). 9-10 years of age will be taking L1- L2 to be placed at L3 (40 min) 10-11 will be taking L1-L3 tests to be placed at L4 for class (one hour) 12-14 will be taking L1-L4 to be placed at L5 (one hour +) 15-16 will take L1-L5 tests to be placed at L6 class 17 and 18 We do not have any exam for them. Duration of the Test: Each test has 20 multiple questions. Higher levels might be require to write one paragraph. The test should not take more than 20-30 minutes to complete. When to pick up or stay: Parents are most welcome to stay at the parking lot or Masjid.   Volunteers will notify parents when to come back to pick up your children. Duration will depend on how old is the child and what level test they are taking. Bilal School Admin
  3. Tuition Information

    Tuition information for fall 2011 and spring 2012. Fee includes all books:    Payment Options: Lump sum payment for the entire year will avail a 5% discount on tuition. Two payments for the school year – Sept and then Feb   No Discount Discounted   Due Sep 2011 Due Feb 2012 1 payment Due Sep 2011 1 Child $235 $235 $446.5 2 Children $370 $370 $703 3+ Children $470 $470 $893   Payment Methods: Check Cash After registering online, check mailed for tuition (and registration) must be received by Sept 14th. Otherwise you may lose your spot and late registration fee will be automatically added to your account. Please mail your payment to the following address and make the checks payable to Bilal Sunday School. Please add the names of your students on the check (under Ref). Syed M. Rahman 14289 NW Eagleridge Lane Portland, OR 97229 If you have any question or concern, please send e-mail to registration@bilalmasjid.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Financial Assistance: Full or partial financial assistance or waiver is available upon request. Such information is kept strictly confidential and depends on the performance of the student. The school guarantees admission irrespective of anybody’s ability to pay, as long as it’s done before the registration deadline and there is space available in the class. Please email athar.n.pasha@gmail.com to set up an appointment with the principal. Other Fees: Late Registration Fee $25. The deadline for late registration is Sep 14th....
  4. Welcome Back!

    Dear Parent, Assalam o Alikum, We hope you have enjoyed a nice summer and the kids are ready to go back to school. We have a few updates this year: as you can see, the new school website is up. Please check back frequently for academic news and updates etc. Here are some important dates to remember: Online Registration: The Online Registration process begins on Sept 1st. We request the parents of the Retuning Students to please submit the relevant form for your ‘Returning Child’. If you are a new family enrolling a new student, please fill out and submit the form for the ‘New Student’. Please print out a copy of the filled out form before submitting it and attach it with your payment. In-person Registration: If you are having any trouble sending in your information or if you have any questions, please come to Bilal Masjid on Sunday, September 5th 11:00 AM-1:00 PM and we will help you with the registration process. Fees: Fees are for one term. You will be billed for the second term in Feb 2011. Fee includes all books: 1 Child $260 Total2 Children $445 Total3 or more Children $495 Total Late fee $50 up to Sep 19th only if space available. Payment Methods: For your convenience, there will be volunteers at the school on Sunday, Sept 5th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. You can handover the Tuition In-person that day along with your printed form. You may also opt to send us...
  5. Lecture Series

    Speaker Haroon Moghul: Haroon Moghul’s Khutba at Bilal Masjid June 11, 2010 {mp3}HaroonMoghul’s Khutba at Bilal Masjid-061110{/mp3} Haroon’s Keynote speech – Bilal Islamic School Year End Function, June 2010 {mp3}BIS_Endofyear{/mp3}  
  6. Principal’s Message

    Principal’s Message Dear Parents, Assalamu Alaikum! Bismillah`Ir Rahman`Ir Raheem. All Praise be to Allah (SWT). I am pleased to share that we at Bilal Weekend Islamic School have developed an effective and challenging syllabus that will be implemented by our dedicated and caring teachers. Insha’Allah, the Weekend Islamic School at Bilal Masjid will provide new spirit, an innovative learning environment, most up-to-date syllabus and fresh approaches in teaching. The syllabus focuses on Islamic studies including learning to read the Holy Quran, teaching proper Salat and knowledge in the light of Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sallul lahu alaihi wassallam). This is our humble effort to develop a strong and enduring sense of an Islamic identity in our Muslim youth so they should become an active members of a diverse pluralistic society. I know that the school can only be successful if we have the support and involvement of parents. You play an invaluable role in the triumph of your children. Thus, it is vital to maintain consistent communication with you regarding your son or daughter’s progress and your thoughts on their advancement. Our dedicated teachers and volunteers (parents & community members) will be available at Bilal Masjid every Sunday from 10:00am to 12:15pm if you or your children have any concerns or thoughts you would like to share. Sincerely, Athar Pasha Principal Bismillah`Ir Rahman`Ir Raheem. All Praise be to Allah (SWT). Dear Parents, Assalamu Alaikum! Welcome to the Bilal Masjid Weekend Islamic School. Teaching our children is a collaborative effort...
  7. Newsflash

    Sun Sep 9th 10-11AM – Tea with Principal Sun Sep 9th 11-12PM – Registration Sat Sep 15th 11-1 PM – Testing for new students Sun Sep 16th – First day of School IA Sun Sep 23rd – Late Registration Registration form – Returning Students Registration form – New Students


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Office/School Hours

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