Continuation of remote learning

With the COVID-19 cases on the rise again in Oregon, we have decided to hold online school from Sept-December. There are multiple reasons for our approach: our room sizes are small and we will not be able to implement proper precautions of social distancing. Also, we have students from level 1-12th, and the younger kids are obviously not vaccinated which puts them and their families at risk. Some of our staff is Immunocompromised and we have to take their safety into account as well. Mandating masks in the school might not be enough of a precaution.

Based on these reasons, we hope to hold online school the first 3 months of the school year. We will revisit this policy in December around winter break for the next three months. We really hope to go back in-person as soon as possible Insha Allah.

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Bilal Sunday School 4115 SW 160th Ave Beaverton OR 97007 503-688-9794

Office/School Hours

10:00 am to 12:15 pm on Sundays (Sep 19th-June 12th)